Jack Kassewitz
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The SpeakDolphin.com Project is spearheaded by Global Heart, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida, founded by Donna & Jack Kassewitz.

Cutter a rescued dolphin at the Marine Mammal Conservancy.
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INTERNS - 2010.

Donna and Chadia at Cozumel - 2010
Photo by Noel Kassewitz
Jack working with a new digital stethosocpe in Puerto Aventuras - 2010
Donna and Chadia in Cozumel- 2010
Jack and Merlin working on symbol recognition.
Jack and Quintos playing ball at Puerto Aventuras - 2010
Jack and Ryan playing ball with two dolphin at Puerto Aventuras - 2010
Jack and staff vet listen to Kich's heart sounds.
Jack, Ryan, Stefanie, Amberly and Bill with manatees in Puerto Aventuras - 2010
Jack and Merlin using Panasonic Toughbook in Puerto Aventuras - 2010
Jack and Noel connecting Panasonic Toughbook's for peer-to-peer data acquisition.
Merlin and Lissie
Jack tries Panasonic "Toughbook" as enrichment.
Dolphin eye studies
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