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The SpeakDolphin.com Project is spearheaded by Global Heart, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida, founded by Donna & Jack Kassewitz.

Baby Merlin
Merlin and Lissie
Pec Tapping
Orphaned manatee "Robertito"
Jack tries Panasonic "Toughbook" as enrichment.
Great Ape studies have this chimp exhausted.
A minion of tortoises.
Jack studying elephant vocalizations.
Jack working with a stranded baby pygmy sperm whale.
Donna and Shadia
Jack and the Amazing Randi.
Dolphin eye studies
Family after Dolphin Energy Medicine
Jack and enrichment games.
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In this Sci-Fi thriller

Big-hearted but gruff Jake Fitzgerald and tech wizard Mac Forester—renowned scientists on an island Marine Sanctuary—are thrust in between two astonishing discoveries.

Using their own unique AI, Jake and Mac open up the first robust interspecies dialogue with Alba, a Bahamian dolphin ambassador. Alba explains why the dolphins, orcas and whales—the Cetaceans—had launched a desperate plan to take back the oceans to prevent imminent ecosystem collapse.

At the same time, Jake and Mac are entrusted by a mysterious benefactor with a secretly decoded Nikolai Tesla notebook which holds a key to reverse planetary decline.

But powerful dark forces plan to subvert both discoveries for their own agenda. 

Can Jake, Mac and Alba turn the tide before it’s too late?

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Jack Kassewitz

Dear Jack,

     My name is FM. I am not sure if you remember me. You gave me a copy of your book to read. I absolutely loved it. I have never been moved by a book. I was expecting it to be very dense in research but the way you wrote it was absolutely captivating. I have been going through a rough patch in my life and this book has already done wonders for me. I see so much of myself in your stories, life, and philosophies towards it (especially with other animals). They too have always been the ones that I connect with the most. I just wanted to tell you what a great pleasure it was to read your book. I hope to meet again soon.

 Best regards,

 FM, Florida

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Dolphin Emoji Games

Progressive Enrichment (PE) for marine mammals in human-care, refers tovarious means of making the lives of these animals more stimulating and rewarding through activities or environments that promote continual learning and exploration.

Our Dolphin Emoji Games (DEG) blends progressive enrichment for marine mammals with simple symbolic tools for their self-expression and choice, providing an open ended exchange between the marine mammals, their caretakers, and visitors, with the goal of enhanced comradery and teamwork between humans and these aquatic species.

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These pages are dedicated to my work with the many types of animals and unexplained events that I have encountered over the years.

Jack reveals "man in the water" 3D image from dolphin echolocation
Media Contacts: speakdolphin@mac.com
Jack "pec tapping" as a reward for working together.
Lissie and Merlin poster available upon request.
In an important breakthrough in deciphering dolphin language, researchers Jack Kassewitz and John Stuart Reid, have imaged the high definition imprints that dolphin sounds make in water. The resulting "CymaGlyphs," as the images have been named, are reproducible patterns that are expected to form the basis of a lexicon of dolphin language, each pattern representing a dolphin "picture word".
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